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What is P-BOX?

P-BOX is a fully automatic, battery-powered tennis ball preservation system.

The P-BOX ensures constant, perfect ball quality.
Tennis P-BOX

Why do tennis balls lose their ball quality?

Tennis balls are filled with air pressure to maintain the positive playing qualities such as bounce height and bounce characteristics. Over time, however, the balls lose air pressure and they become flat. The beneficial playing properties are lost, although the ball is still in good condition on the outside.

This is due to diffusion. Due to the air pressure difference between the inside of the ball (high air pressure) and the ambient pressure (lower air pressure), the air travels through the ball skin to the outside.

The process is reinforced once more through playing with the ball; the ball is highly compressed and the diffusion is accelerated. The diffusion process can be illustrated using the example of an inflated balloon that loses its air pressure to the atmosphere after a few days to and collapses.

To avoid premature pressure loss during transport and storage, tennis balls are packaged by the manufacturers in overpressure. That is, the packaging box is filled with air pressure. Once the package is opened, the pressure will escape (hiss) and the diffusion process begins.

The ageing of the tennis balls begins with the removal of the original pressurised packaging.



For what kind of tennis balls is the P-BOX appropriate?

The P-Box is designed for normal pressurised tennis balls under the rules of the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

What does diffusion mean?

How does the P-BOX work?

The P-BOX is a pressure vessel in which tennis balls can be stored and transported at a defined pressure. The ambient pressure is adjusted to the internal pressure of the ball and the diffusion is stopped. The balls are thus re-packaged in a hyperbaric environment (as done by the manufacturer before delivery).

This technique is made possible by a battery-powered compressor that pumps air into the ball container automatically.
A sensor measures the air pressure and switches the compressor off automatically when the desired air pressure is reached. The vessel is now in positive pressure.

The air pressure is checked and corrected automatically in fixed cycles, thus ensuring stable and optimum storage of the balls. The device is powered by a rechargeable battery or USB adapter plugged into the mains. By operating from the power grid, the integrated battery is charged automatically and then has a self-sufficient operation time of several weeks. Use of the P-BOX is simple and it works with just one push of a button.

The entire operational unit has the size of a normal ball box and fits in every gym bag.

Does the P-BOX improve the quality of the ball?

P-BOX Diagramm

Yes. By storing the tennis balls in the P-BOX, the air pressure is maintained constantly in all the balls at the same time. A gradual deterioration of the ball through pressure loss is completely eliminated.

The ball retains the bounce properties of a new tennis ball for a multiple of the normal life. In addition, production-related differences in pressure are balanced between the balls. The days of playing with ever-decreasing ball quality due to pressure drop are over. The compromise of still playing with old balls is history.

Does the P-Box save money?

Yes. Those who use the P-POX save money significantly. The balls have a much longer life.

The balls must only be replaced when the felt no longer meets the requirements or the ball has a mechanical defect
P-BOX Diagramm

Can the P-BOX repair "flat" tennis balls?

In most cases, yes! Basically speaking, however, the P-BOX is designed to preserve new balls.

How do I use the P-BOX?

To remove balls from the P-BOX press the ON / OFF button and open the lid (you can hear a hissing noise).

To preserve the balls again just put the balls into the P-Box, close the lid and press the ON / OFF button.

Everything else is automatic.
P-BOX Taster

How long can the P-BOX operate without electricity


Assuming that the balls will be taken out of the box 3 times per week, a battery power supply of about 4 weeks is possible.
P-BOX ohne Strom

How long is the lifetime of the P-BOX?

The P-Box is designed for a lifespan of 10 years.

Possible wear parts are the battery, pump and seal.
P-BOX 10 Jahre

Spare parts for the P-BOX

We will keep spare parts and accessories for the P-BOX in stock.


The P-BOX and environmental protection

By using the P-BOX, the duration of the useful life of the balls increases by a multiple through improved quality of the ball. This will save energy and raw materials for the ball production.

The P-Box is solid and built for a long life. The consistent selection of high quality components and the availability of spare parts ensure a long service life.

The P-Box is made from recycled plastics (PETEC / POM), 70%, and metals (aluminium / copper / steel), 8%. Electronics, 8%, and batteries 14%, can be returned to the recycling circuit.

% = percentage by weight of the entire unit without balls

The P-Box can be used and recharged with all normal USBs found in shops. The internal battery can be charged automatically. A USB adapter is not included in the scope of supply because it is most often present in every household.

The P-BOX contributes positively to the ecological balance.

Is the P-BOX dangerous?

Basically, the P-BOX is a pressure vessel! Inside the P-BOX, an overpressure of up to 1 bar prevails. By comparison, in a normal bicycle inner tube the pressure is approximately 3 to 5 bar.

If the P-BOX is warmed (e.g. with sunlight) or if a component fails, this could inadvertently result in high pressure in the P-BOX and cause a burst. To avoid the risk of bursting, mechanically and pneumatically operating safety valves are incorporated.

P-BOX Luftdruck

By following the instructions of the manual, no risk comes from the P-BOX.

The P-BOX in aeroplanes

The atmospheric pressure differences at high altitudes have no effect on function and safety. For safety reasons, the P-BOX should be turned off on aeroplanes. P-BOX Flugzeug

The P-BOX when travelling

The P-Box is ideal for travel. Weight and size are only slightly different from that of a normal ball tube. The integrated rechargeable battery enables network-independent operation of up to 4 weeks.

Where can I get a P-BOX?

P-Box and accessories are exclusively available at www.iproducts.de. P-BOX Shop


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